Business Excellence Forum

Business Excellence Forum

"Entrepreneurship Opportunities in a Globalised World"

Friday, 22 June 2012, 12.00-13.00


Forum Chair Rado Pezdir, International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenia


Business Excellence Forum is an opportunity to identify and discuss entrepreneurial and business challenges in a globalizing international environment. Entrepreneurs and businessmen from Europe and elsewhere will highlight practical experiences, good practices and opportunities which they have identified in their activities. The Forum is also an opportunity to reflect on the relevant business and academic responses to existing and future corporate and business challenges.


Speakers who will, in accordance with business practice and their own experience, present their views on the topic of the Forum "Entrepreneurship Opportunities in a Globalised World", are:

- mag. Zoran Vaupot, SIGEM Business Consulting d.o.o., Slovenia

- Mr. Špela Sedminek, brand director, Steklarna Rogaška d.d., Slovenia

- Mrs. Petra Vrtovšek, Construction and restoration of pipe organs and other instruments, Slovenia

- dr. Bordin Rassameethes, Kasetsart University, Thailand

- dr. Anna Rakowska, Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, Poland


Participation is free of charge.




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