Editors panel with Exhibition of Journals

Topic: Insights from Journal Editors


The Editors' Panel aims to bring top editors from leading international journals around the world to share their ideas about selection consideration and criteria for a potential publication. This discussion is expected to benefit and strengthen possible publications among doctoral students as well as junior faculties. The editors' insights and viewpoints are important for a submission preparation.


Time: 9:30-10:30, Friday, June 22, 2012
Location: ISSBS headquarters

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The Editors' Panel is open to public, but registration is required. Please contact Goran Đaković, goran.dakovic@mfdps.si, phone +386 3 4258 228.


Panel Chair:


Dr. Binshan Lin

Industrial Management & Data Systems


Louisiana State University in Shreveport, USA


Panel Members:


Dr. Stefan Bojnec




Managing Global Transitions: International Research Journal


University of Primorska, Slovenia


Dr. Gorazd Justinek

International Journal of Diplomacy and Economy



International Journal of Globalisation and Small Business


International School for Social and Business Studies 


Dr. Alex Koohang                             

Interdisciplinary Journal of E-Learning and Learning Objects


Macon State College, USA


Dr. Andrej Koren and Mateja Brejc, MSc

Leadership in Education


National School for Leadership in Education, Slovenia


Dr. Dusan Lesjak                             

International Journal of Management in Education


International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenia


Dr. Lucka Lorber                              

The International Journal of Euro-Mediterranean Studies


University of Maribor, Slovenia


Dr. Sasivimol Meeampol

International Journal of Accounting Practice and Research

Kasetsart University, Thailand


Dr. Haruthai Numprasertchai                                

International Journal of Business Development and Research


Kasetsart University, Thailand


Dr. Joanna Paliszkiewicz

Management and Production Engineering Review


Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland


Dr. Zbigniew Pastuszak                  

International Journal of Services and Standards


Maria Curie-Skolodowska University, Poland


Dr. Kongkiti Phusavat                                 

International Journal of Innovation and Learning


Kasetsart University, Thailand


Dr. Steve Kuang-Hsun Shih

International Journal of Performance Measurement


Chinese Culture University, Taiwan


Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy


Chinese Culture University, Taiwan


Dr. Suparerk Sooksmarn
International Journal of Sustainable Strategy and Research

Kasetsart University, Thailand


Dr. Darko Štrajn

Šolsko polje (School Field)


Educational research institute


Dr. Nada Trunk Sirca

International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning


International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenia


Dr. Agnieszka Sitko-Lutek

International Journal of Synergy and Research


Maria Curie-Skolodowska University, Poland


Dr. Egon Zizmond

International Journal of Sustainable Economy


University of Primorska, Slovenia

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