Guided tour of Celje

MakeLearn 2012 participants will have an opportunity to visit Celje's Upper Castle (picture below), join the guided tour of the historical city centre as well as enjoy the scenery of one of the nearest spa centres - Terme Dobrna, which will also host the conference dinner. Please find more information about the Celje and the region below.


Celje has a population of around 50,000 people and is the third largest city in Slovenia. It lies between Ljubljana (79 km away) and Maribor (51 km away), and is a great starting point to several major European cities such as Trieste, Venice, Budapest, Graz and Vienna.


Celje is one of the most dynamic and quickly developing cities in Slovenia. It is a development, business, economic, trade, cultural, educational, administrative, healthcare, sports, tourism and fairs centre of the Savinja region, and it aims to become a contemporary centre of high technology and an international university centre.


Celje has a very rich history. Its foundations were laid by the Celts and later on the Romans. In the 14th century it was the seat of the famous Counts of Celje, one of the most important medieval families in Europe. The Old Castle Celje, a home of the Counts of Celje, remains the most important historical and tourist sight in town. The oldest mention of the castle dates back to 1322; it used to be the biggest fortress in Slovenia. Situated on a hill it offers a great panoramic view of the town and the countryside.


The city of Celje is 78 also a central point to most famous spa centres in Slovenia. If you are considering having a short break in Slovenian spa centres, here are some links: Thermana (12 km from Celje), Terme Zreče (19 km), Terme Dobrna (20 km), Terme Rogaška Slatina (33 km), Terme Topolšica (35 km), Terme Olimia (36 km).


Please click here to learn more about Celje.


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