How to get to Celje

Organized transfer



Organisers have engaged the official transportation services with the company GRH chauffeur service.


Book a transfer on the following webpage:

Contact: Mr. Domen Grah, e-mail address or,

emergency mobile phone +386 41 376 964.


Arrival and departure transfers by shuttle bus service or private transfer are offered from the airport, during the period 19-20 June for arrivals and 22-23 June 2012 for departures. All other dates will be considered as individual transfers.


When booking a transfer, an English-speaking driver will meet you with MakeLearn conference 2012 sign located in the Arrival hall of the selected airport. When booking a private transfer, please look for a sign with your full name.


List of airports with prices:


1. Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, Slovenia to Celje

Possible forms of transfers are:

- Shuttle bus transfer: 25 EUR per person (min. 4 persons, max. waiting time 1 hour, price of one-way transfer, VAT included)

- Private transfer: 90 EUR per car (1-3 persons in car, price of one-way transfer, VAT included)

- Group transfer: 110EUR per van (4-8 persons in van, price of one-way transfer, VAT included)


The company reserves the right to combine transfers for participants of MakeLearn conference with maximum waiting time 1 hour.


Important: Transfer requests must be submitted by 10 June 2012.


2. Graz airport, Austria and Zagreb airport, Croatia to Celje

- Private transfer: 110 EUR per car (1-3 persons in car, price of one-way transfer, VAT included)

- Private transfer: 120 EUR per van (4-8 persons in car, price of one-way transfer, VAT included)


3. Trieste Ronchi dei Legionari airport, Italy to Celje

- Private transfer: 190 EUR per car (1-3 persons in car, price of one-way transfer, VAT included)

- Private transfer: 210 EUR per van (4-8 persons in car, price of one-way transfer, VAT included)


Possible ways of payment: cash on site, credit card on site or bank transfer (click here for more info about the bank transfer). Please note: 3 % will be added as a surcharge for credit card payments.


By car
Slovenian highway system is very well organised. It connects Slovenia with Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. Celje lies next to highway A1 (Šentilj-Srmin) between Ljubljana (79 km from Celje) and Maribor (51 km from Celje). It is necessary to buy a vignette before driving on our highways. For detailed information on types of vignettes and their prices please click here.

By plane
You can easily reach Celje through the main Slovenian airport, called Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (104 km from Celje, airport is 26 km from the centre of Ljubljana), which has daily connections with most European capitals (for instance London, Brussels, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Madrid). One way transport from Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport to Celje costs app. 15 eur by bus/per person or app. 100 eur by taxi/3 to 4 persons.

Celje can also be reached through other near airports such as Airport Graz (119 km from Celje), Airport Klagenfurt (132 km from Celje), Airport Zagreb (120 km from Celje) or Airport Trieste (197 km from Celje). One way train ticket from Graz to Celje costs app. 30 €. There is no direct railway connection between Trieste and Celje. To come from Trieste to Celje you can take the bus to Ljubljana, and then from Ljubljana to Celje, which all together costs app. 20 €.


Airports in Slovenia: Ljubljana (Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport).
National airline company: Adria Airways.

Nearby airports in Austria: Graz (Flughafen Graz), Klagenfurt (Kärnten Airport).
Nearby airport in Croatia: Zagreb (Zračna luka Zagreb).
Nearby airport in Italy: Trieste (Ronchi dei Legionari).

By train

There are frequent daily connections between Celje and Ljubljana (app. 6 eur/per person/one way), Maribor and Koper (the seaside). Furthermore, Ljubljana has regular railway connections with Italy, Austria, Germany, The Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, etc. For more information on train connections please consult the website of the Slovenian railway company Slovenske zeleznice.


Contact information of the Railway station Celje:

Address: Krekov trg 1, 3000 Celje
Phone: +386 3 293 31 56


By bus
Travelling by bus is quite cheap. Celje is connected with well organised international bus routes. For more information please consult the websites and

Contact information of the bus station Izletnik Celje, d.d.:

Address: Aškerčeva 20, 3000 Celje
Phone: +386 3 425 34 00



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