About Celje and the region

Celje is the third largest city of Slovenia and it is one of Slovenia's most dynamic and quickly developing cities. With its central position and historical heritage it is the centre of Savinja region in terms of business, trade, culture, education and tourism. The city of Celje was the seat of the famous Counts of Celje in 14th century. It is also well positioned in the wider European region and it is thus a perfect starting point to several major European cities such as Trieste, Venice, Budapest, Graz and Vienna. Please click here to learn more about Celje.


Celje Upper Castle webpage: http://www.grad-celje.com/.

Celje Šmartinsko Lake (5 kilometres from Celje) webpage: http://www.smartinsko-jezero.com/.


The city of Celje is 78 kilometers away from the main Slovenian airport near the country's capital Ljubljana and it is also a central point to most famous spa centres in Slovenia. If you are considering having a short break in Slovenian spa centres, here are some links: Thermana (12 km from Celje), Terme Zreče (19 km), Terme Dobrna (20 km), Terme Rogaška Slatina (33 km), Terme Topolšica (35 km), Terme Olimia (36 km).




Slovenia is the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, the Mediterranean, the Pannonian Plain and the Karst. It combines remarkable beauty, sprawling forests, traditional crafts and ancient monuments with modern architecture and a cutting-edge arts and cultural life. Located at the northeastern end of the Adriatic Sea, this small, Alpine country controls some of Europe's major transit routes. For additional information about Slovenia and its attractions please click here. Slovenia on Wikipedia (click here).


Celje Upper Castle.


Logarska valley.


Jeruzalem Ormož vineyards.


Terme Olimia spa center near Celje.

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