Pearson demonstration: Tailor made texts for study purposes



Demonstration: Tailor made texts for study purposes

Friday, 22 June 2012, 9.00-9.30


Imagine selecting specific contents from a range of different books and have them bound into a unique bespoke book created just for your course

Imagine creating a book which combines content from Pearson books with your own material which your students will need in their course

Imagine a textbook which includes other reports, articles and case studies you feel are required reading for students

Imagine your students accessing customised online material, tailored to their course, through a single website/ portal created just for them

Imagine integrating bespoke dynamic and engaging digital content into your students learning experience, either to deliver your course, or to work alongside your textbook

Presentation explores how  you can do all this and more with Pearson Custom Solutions, delivering cost effective materials tailored to your students' needs.


Presented by:

Ms Erzsebet Csibi
Higher Education and Professional Representative
for Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia

Pearson Central Europe
1085 Budapest Kölcsey u 2.
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